NVM Infratech


NVM Infratech Pvt. Ltd. is a pioneer in developing sustainable, secure, and smart cities to transform the lives of the people residing in developing cities and rural towns across India.

Through our novel concept of NVM Smart Cities, we commit ourselves to planned and scalable city development with regular power supply, clean water and sanitation, high-speed broadband access, and a safe and secure surveillance-based gated community. These cities enable residents to enjoy a high standard of living for themselves and their families in an eco-friendly environment with lots of greenery and open spaces to live as close as possible to mother nature.

These Smart Cities provide an excellent platform to engage in commercial activities based on local and national economy and provides ample opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship, thereby acting as an engine of growth for that area.

We employ the best-in-industry professionals with years of experience in management, technology and effectively implementing large and complex projects in various sectors. We boast of a high-delivery culture that excels in partnering with and acquiring capabilities for strategic implementations.

Our Vision

To build sustainable world-class cities that improve people’s quality of life and standard of living.